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A few tips about booking appointments online: If you don't see your time slot open please call, the online calendar has it's limitations. 

Also please read the description of service before booking to be sure you're choosing the best one for your pet!

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About Us

Skilled Grooming with a Personal Feel

Here at Pawsitively Primped, we strive to give the Lamorinda area a new kind of groomer. We love connecting with the families here and their animals to create  relationships that endure. We care about the specific needs of each of our clients. With many years of experience and a love for all pets, we hope you will rely on us for all your grooming needs for years to come. We have a saying here "it never hurts to ask". We will do our best to accommodate any request.

Experience the Difference

With all of the "factory" grooming shops out there, at Pawsitively Primped we strive for something a little different. We pride ourselves on quiet, safe, individualized spa days. Here are a few things that set us apart:

- We believe in grooming in a timely manner. We do most of our grooms in 1-3 hours. So your pet doesn't have to wait all day. 

- Quality products give great results. You'll find only the finest products available for your pet here. We are open to special requests or you can always bring your own. We specialize in skin conditions and controlling them, so bring in that specialized vet shampoo. 

-Tailored services, there is no service too small. We do offer many "a la carte" services like nails, glands, sanitary shaves or maintenance brushing. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Their happiness and care is our priority and we aim to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive. We welcome suggestions and want to make sure every groom we give is exactly what you have in mind. 

Cancellations and Holiday Season

24 Hour notice

We understand life happens and cancellations become necessary. Please be courteous and give us notice. There will be a charge for no call no shows, and cancellations without proper notice. 

Holiday Season

Holidays are our busiest time. We understand everyone wants a fresh smelling pet, and we do our best to get everyone in. So due to high call volumes,  walk ins, and the sheer volume of pets we need your patience. The grooming times will be longer. Same day appointments are still appointments, so please be on time for them. 

No shows are subject to a fee. On extra busy days we may not be able to give specific times out. We also need people to pick up their pets as soon as they are ready to make room for more pets, so we can't do holds on extra busy days. We appologize for any inconvienence and are so very grateful you chose Pawsitively Primped!

Attention please read before booking

Choose carefully!

We try to be thorough in explaining each service. Please call, text or email if you have questions. Booking the wrong type of service may result in the cancellation of your appointment. 


Please be aware the timing on each apppointment is an approximation. Due to the nature of this business, grooming time may be longer or shorter than the time on the service menu. Working with live animals (and people) is not an exact science and we may need more time for your pet. If you have any time restraints please let us know as soon as possible.  We always do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs. If your pet is matted, has health or behavior problems it will take longer, please expect longer service time. For your first appointment we will need information about you and your pet. Please expect to spend a few minutes when you drop off your pet. If you have someone else drop off your pet for the first time make sure they have  health information and instructions for the service you want. Be sure to be available to talk by phone or text around your appointment time or please call ahead to clarify your preferences. 

Sizing and Pricing

Small dogs are usually 20 lbs and under.

Medium dogs are usually 21-50 lbs. 

Large dogs are usually 50 to 80 lbs. 

We do not do dogs larger than 80 lbs because they must be lifted. We have no ramp to the tub. Also dogs must be able to stand and safely turn around in the tub. Our tub is 3.5 ft off the ground. So especially tall dogs may not be able to be done, even if they are they are less than 80lbs. If you have any doubts give us a call and or come by to see our facility, we love new faces!

Hours Closing and Holds

Although someone is usually in the shop at 7:30am Monday through Friday. We do work by appointment. Example, if no one is scheduled until 10:00 no one will be there until around 9:30. We also do not have an actual closing time.  We are appointment based, we close when the last pet is picked up. We don't mind keeping your pet if we are busy and going to be working late but we try to get everyone home promptly after grooming. Please let us know when you book your appointment if you need to pick up much later than your service time.  There is a charge for pets picked up late and/or left overnight.  We are a small shop and have families, and sometimes our shop days and hours may change due to our parental duties.  We always give notice when it affects our appointments.  


We love pets! We have devoted our lives to them.  That said some pets are unable to be groomed by us due to their temperament while being groomed.  We are safety first shop for us and your pet. If we don't belive we can provide a safe positive experience for your pet we will have to send it home. Also animals that exhibit symptoms of illness will be sent home immediately. Please have a back up to pick up your pet in the event of illness.  We are not a "free range" shop. We do not allow pets to interact and pets must go into a crate. You can opt to have an express service (we do the pet start to finish without any crating) for an additional fee $45 - $80 depending on breed and difficulty.  We don't recommend that for the pets as it is a lot to expect from them with no breaks.  Matts, they happen. We are a cruelty free shop, we will not brush out or shave down pets that we believe are too matted to be removed safely. Removing matts can be a very dangerous service and may result in an injury to your pet. Examples: brush burn, cuts and nicks, and clipper burn. We are not responsible for injuries do to matting. 

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